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    WebP to JPEG Conversion

    By now, most people have seen the JPEG/JPG file format. JPEGs are image files made up of a grid of pixels. Each pixel is filled with a color making a mosaic that creates an image. JPEGs have been around since the early 90s and have become so popular that humans produce several billion JPEG images every single day.

    WebP, however, is a younger and less prevalent image file format. Google created the WebP format in the 2010s as a potential replacement for most of the major image formats used today, including JPEG, PNG, and GIF. In other words, Google wants WebP to be the one image format you need to do everything, whether it’s lossless imagery, animation, or even alpha transparency. However, WebP hasn’t become nearly as popular as those other formats.

    Why would you convert a file from WebP to JPEG?

    The number one reason for converting WebP to JPEG is compatibility. As mentioned in the previous section, JPEGs have been around for a long time and have near-universal support across every operating system, website, and application. WebP images, unfortunately, are not as compatible. Converting a WebP image to JPEG could be the difference between being able to use that image or not.

    WebP images also are only just now gaining compatibility with major image editors. Microsoft Paint and Adobe Photoshop, for example, only recently finally started supporting WebP. If you have an older version of these programs, you’ll either need to upgrade to a newer one or convert your WebP images to another format.

    How can you convert a file from WebP to JPEG for free?

    You can use our tool on this page to convert WebP to JPEG. The service is free, does not require registration, and will not put a watermark on your images.

    The first step is to upload one or up to 20 WebP images. To upload, drag and drop your files onto the “Drop Your Files Here” field. If you can’t drag and drop, you can hit the “UPLOAD FILES” button instead. As soon as you upload your images, our tool will begin the conversion process.

    Once an image is converted, you can hit the “DOWNLOAD” button to grab the JPEG version. However, you can also hit the “DOWNLOAD ALL” button to obtain a ZIP file that contains all the uploaded images. This could save you some time!

    If you need to convert more than 20 WebP images, you can simply hit “CLEAR QUEUE” and repeat these steps as many times as you wish. There is no limit to how many times you can use the conversion tool on this page.

    Is it safe to convert WebP to JPEG?

    It is completely safe to convert WebP images to JPEG images. Our tool will not remove your original files so you can always go back to your WebP masters if needed. Additionally, our server is fully automated and deletes all uploaded data after one hour. In other words, 60 minutes after you upload a file, our server will delete that and its converted version. This helps ensure your sensitive information stays safe and secure!